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Thursday, January 26, 2023

The 10 Best New Albums from Around the World (March 2023)

Outstanding new albums from Lisa O’Neill, Guts, Orkestra Shkodra, Mostar Sevdah Reunion and more

Songlines Best New Albums MARCH 2023 (1)

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Estrellas Heavenly Sweetness

'Like a more funky, updated version of the original Buena Vista concept, and it works because the great cast were clearly enjoying themselves.' Robin Denselow

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Mostar Sevdah Reunion

Lady Sings the Balkan Blues Snail Records

'The best track, and still fairly fresh to my jaded ears, is ‘Srdo Moja’, a rendition of an old anonymous Bosnian traditional, for some reason often passed over by most purveyors of the genre.' Robert Rigney

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Raghunath Manet

Veena Dreams Plaza Mayor Company

'This is an album full of energy, something which you sense as soon as you are over the classically short alapana on the first track, ‘Veena Diamonds’. This is the longest track at 16 minutes and, from the moment the veena takes off one minute in, the pace and technique are dazzling.' Maria Lord

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Lisa O’Neill

All of This Is Chance Rough Trade Records

'O’Neill's world view is as distinctive as her turf-coloured voice, and this album is a love song to the natural world and a lament for its despoilment. It's also the singer-songwriter's finest outing on disc to date.' Michael Quinn

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Elise Boeur & Adam Iredale-Gray

Fiddle Tunes Fiddlehead Records

'This album's modest title reflects the pure reverence, unmitigated by contemporised showiness, with which these instrumentalists approach music from Ireland, France, Belgium, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the US and their native Canada.' Jeff Kaliss

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Orkestra Shkodra

Like Nightingales in the Spring Oda 3

'Marked by long melodic spans and frequent, fluid changes of rhythm and tempo, these songs are barely known outside the country, and they well merit the splendid performances found on this recording from a band of veteran singers and musicians.' Kim Burton

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Zène’T Panon

Maloya Malbar JuJu Sounds

'Their version of maloya (with its Creole chants and tray-like kayanm percussion instrument) not only comes invested with the rhythms of the Tamil (Malbar) ethnic group (played out on morlontarlon and malbar drums) but with the transformative fluidity typical of both Creole cultures and the electronic music scene.' Jane Cornwell

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Russo Passapusso & Antonio Carlos e Jocafi

Alto da Maravilha Máquina de Louco

'It's hard to believe that Alto da Maravilha was recorded remotely during the pandemic, such is the alchemy on show here: we’ve got the bonhomie of a Tim Maia classic, the persuasive bass of a Bahia street party, and the most ridiculous assortment of grooves and vocal hooks around.' Russ Slater

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Su-a Lee

Dialogues Sky Child Records

'Su-a Lee's cello provides the album's heart and is a thrilling, accomplished, and spirited sound. Dialogues is an enthralling release, celebrating the friendships born from musical collaboration.' Billy Rough

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Baul Meets Saz

Banjara Uren Production

'With its flawless musicianship and impeccable central vocal performances, Banjara is a more than worthy continuation, and a masterful work of transcendental art.' Charlie Cawood

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