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Friday, September 23, 2022

The 10 Best New Albums from Around the World (October 2022)

Outstanding new releases from Maria Rita Stumpf, Marjan Vahdat, Eli Winter, Super Parquet and more

Songlines Best New Albums October 2022

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The Movers

The Movers Vol 1: 1970-1976 Analog Africa

Just when one thought all the crates of long lost African classics had been well and truly dug, this glorious discovery turns up, for which we should offer Analog Africa our heartfelt thanks. Nigel Williamson

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Bondona ARC Music

Bondona is an embarrassment of riches containing plenty of surprise, delight and depth. Liam Izod

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Rosc Goitse

With their now well-developed sense of ensemble firm and flexible, the addition of half-a-dozen guests thickens textures and broadens the colour spectrum with wholly simpatico transatlantic tones. Michael Quinn

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Maria Rita Stumpf

Ver Tente Antares SP

From simple acoustic strings to immersive orchestration, the album spans a vast range, featuring everything from church organ to Andean charango. And it showcases Stumpf’s stunning vocal versatility, from the lullaby of ‘Mata Virgem’ to the strident chant of ‘Troca de Dono’. Huw Hennessy

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Super Parquet

Couteau / Haute Forme Airfono Records

For this double-album, the ideal listening experience is one of sensory overload and deprivation: play as loud as possible in a pitch-black environment. Jim Hickson

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Marjan Vahdat

Our Garden is Alone Kirkelig Kulturverksted

The mood is predominantly melancholic, but this is an album of contemplation and reflection from exile with a profound emotional truth. Simon Broughton 

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Eli Winter

Eli Winter Three Lobed Recordings

Accompanied by a posse of superb players including Cameron Knowler (electric and acoustic guitars), Sam Wagster (pedal steel) and Tyler Damon (drums), Winter proffers a smart, offbeat cool conglomeration of alt-country twang, chamber grass groove and psychedelic rock. Doug DeLoach

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Roopa Panesar

SUBHA Asian Arts Agency

Superbly accompanied by tabla maestro Ramdas Palsule and Kaviraj Singh on tanpura (drone), Panesar is as confident and lucid as one has come to expect with all her music and, in this instance, she expresses a profound sense of calmness laced with an inexplicable exhilaration. Jameela Siddiqi

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Antonis Antoniou

Throisma ajabu!

This is the second solo album from Monsieur Doumani’s Antonis Antoniou, and like the previous Kkismettin it’s a corker. It has all the hallmark driving rhythms and electronics with a distinctly Cypriot vibe of its predecessor, here taken even further. Maria Lord

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François Robin & Mathias Delplanque

L'Ombre de la Bête À la Zim!/Parethèses Records

The album offers a unique atmosphere that conjures storms, illuminates movement and summons an enveloping euphoria. Buzz Bury

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