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Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Best New Albums from Around the World (July 2024)

This month we feature outstanding new releases from The Joy, The Zawose Queens, Ballaké Sissoko & Derek Gripper, Ajate and more


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01 The Joy

The Joy (Transgressive Records)

Smooth, rich harmonies from the South African quartet make for a grin-inducing, spine-tingling, joyful album.

02 Swamp Dogg

Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St (Oh Boy Records)

Though he’s not recorded bluegrass before, it’s clear Swamp Dogg has always been listening. His laidback vocals are perfectly balanced above the genre’s classic swing as he recounts tales and advice that are savvy and audacious in equal measure. 

03 Kiran Ahluwalia

Comfort Food (Kiran Ahluwalia)

With intricate vocals and funky, bass-heavy melodies, Ahluwalia provides listeners some true musical Comfort Food.

04 North East Ska Jazz Orchestra

Sulla Rotta dei Venti (Brixton Records)

Hand percussion, oom-pah, flaring horns and mischievous energy are just some of the elements that come together to create this twisting, squealing Balkan delight.

05 The Zawose Queens

Maisha (Real World Records)

A soaring debut blending traditional Gogo music with subtle electronic addition. The Zawose women are finally on center stage and it’s not a minute too soon.

06 Ballaké Sissoko & Derek Gripper

Ballaké Sissoko & Derek Gripper (Matsuli Music / Platoon)

Rippling, improvised notes of conversation between Sissoko’s kora and Gripper’s guitar start this record off before it bubbles into smooth, synchronised, subtle magic.

07 Richard Thompson

Ship to Shore (New West Records)

With deep, Nick Cave-esque vocals and thunderous percussion, Thompson reflects poignantly and empathetically on the human condition.

08 Hezron Chetty

I am Death, I am Breath, I am Life (Mad Violinist Productions)

Chetty uncovers a plethora of new rhythms and sounds from his violin in this poignant, innovative work exploring experiences of divorce, death and homelessness.

09 Ajate

Dala Toni (180g)

These ‘Afrobayashi’ pioneers mark their return in full form: rolling rhythms, acoustic percussion, groove-driven guitar melodies and light, clear vocals sway, swing and fill the soul.

10 Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly

MESTIZX (International Anthem / Nonesuch)

This husband-and-wife team showcase their mastery of Bolivian and Puerto Rican percussion. Hypnotic.

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