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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Empowering the next generation - ISM Trust

By Alex de Lacey

Next month the Incorporated Society of Musicians Trust are holding a one-day symposium that will provide practical advice and support for the professional musician.

shlomo_ac_print-3151 - credit Nathan Gallagher.jpg

Shlomo © Nathan Gallagher

Life as a musician is full of twists and turns. While the glory of taking to the stage is irreplaceable, there are many facets of a musician's life that can be stressful and challenging.

To help navigate life as a musican, the Incorporated Society of Musicians' (ISM) sister charity – the ISM Trust – are holding a one-day symposium entitled The Empowered Musician on October 4. It will provide practical advice and support for the professional musician. 

Across the day-long affair, which is to be held at London's Milton Court, leading experts will present courses on business and legal skills, attendees will gain an insight into negotiating the digital arena in its current state. 

Highly renowned performers will also be speaking at the event and sharing their experiences. Beatboxer SK Shlomo (pictured above) will contribute to a panel on Digital Futures with composer Alex Parsons speaking on working within film and television.

There will also be live performances from Fitkinwall and Riot Jazz.

The Empowered Musician takes place on October 4 at Milton Court, London. For full programme details click here. 

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