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Friday, September 4, 2020

K-Music Festival bonus CD

By Jo Frost

Discover the latest musical talent from Korea on an exclusive bonus CD, compiled by K-Music Festival, free with the October issue of Songlines

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Since 2013, the K-Music Festival has provided a platform for rising talent and established artists from Korea to perform in the UK. The festival has had pop-up concerts, talks, international debuts and UK firsts, as well as some notable successes along the way, where bands have used their K-Music performances as stepping-stones for greater things. The exclusive bonus CD that comes with the October issue of Songlines, features a selection of tracks from artists including Songlines Music Award winners Jambinai and Black String, Sinnoi, Hey String and Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) who will be making their UK debut at the K-Music Festival on October 30 at Kings Place.

The full tracklist of the CD is:

  1. JAMBINAI ‘Time of Extinction’
  2. KYUNGSO PARK ‘Rubin’s Vase’
  3. SB CIRCLE ‘Rain, Grey’
  4. HEEMOON LEE + PRELUDE with NOMNOM ‘Difficult Love’ (Nanbongga)
  5. LEENALCHI ‘Tiger is Coming’
  6. SINNOI ‘Sequence’
  7. HEY STRING ‘Potencia’
  8. ADG7 ‘Youngjeonggeori’
  9. GONNE CHOI ‘Sailor’s Song’
  10. YU KUNG-HWA ENSEMBLE E-DO ‘Bird of Oblivion’
  11. THE NEQ ‘Ewha’
  12. BLACK STRING ‘Sureña’
  14. JAMBINAI ‘Sun.Tears.Red’

For more details about the 2020 K-Music Festival, live and online, commencing October 30 2020, see kccuk.org.uk 


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