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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Oslo World maps the festival world

By Jo Frost

Oslo World has created an online map highlighting music from festivals around the world

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The creative team behind Norway's Oslo World festival has come up with an innovative response to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the live music scene. They have created an online map pinpointing over 80 festivals across the globe, sharing a bespoke playlist of 20 tracks from each festival. 

The map includes playlists from Sunfest in Canada, Orkney Folk Festival in Scotland, Sukiyaki Meets the World festival in Japan and MTN Bushfire in Eswatini. And it's not just festivals that have been cancelled; it also features many others taking place – hopefully – later in the year such as Oslo World (October 27-November 1). 

The map serves as a reminder of the dizzying array of festivals taking place across the globe, and the sheer number of artists whose lives are being impacted by the ongoing pandemic.


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