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Los Ombligos

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Rating: ★★★★★

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La Muchacha & El Propio Junte


Sello In-Correcto


A surprising yet pleasurable departure from La Muchacha’s usual singer-guitarist soloist style, Los Ombligos is the new musical undertaking from Colombia’s much-loved social commentator.

La Muchacha (Isabel Ramírez Ocampo) has joined forces with El Propio Junte (Miguel Velásquez Matjasevic on double bass and Camilo Bartelsman on percussion) to transport her style into a newly developed collective sound while still staying true to the political poetic musings of her musical activism. La Muchacha’s music has become the alternative soundtrack of resistance for many across Colombia, with Los Ombligos set to be no different. With the introduction of new harmonies and more dissonance, giving the album a slightly darker tone than the artist’s previous works, Los Ombligos is a testament to La Muchacha’s new style and expedition with El Propio Junte.

Across the entire album, and especially in pieces such as ‘El Ofendío’, ‘Triste Serenata’ and ‘Lárgueme’, key societal issues of modern Colombia, such as patriarchal violence, state corruption and inequality, are elegantly presented. These are delicate themes but they are wrapped up here in the usual La Muchacha genius of poetic protest, flair and intelligent musicality.

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