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Las Lloronas




Their first album, according to this Brussels-based trio of former street musicians, is all about ‘taking a stance and taking space, being bold, powerful and vulnerable.' Featuring harmonies as sweet as the Unthank sisters', words spoken and sung in English, French, Spanish (and more) that are both intimate and potent, and delicate, tasteful arrangements redolent of multifarious generic influences, this often exquisite debut exudes confidence. The three young vocalists are Amber in 't Veld on acoustic guitar, Sura Solomon on accordion and ukulele and Marieke Werner, whose standout clarinet playing turns the instrumental ‘Strange Growth’ into a gorgeous mournful interlude. The sparse instrumentation is fleshed out by some chunky double bass on around half of the 14 songs and a trumpet that lends a more jazzy vibe to ‘Mutation’, but it's above all the voice that captivates here. ‘Creature’ and ‘Maria la Portuguesa’ are sung a cappella, while the resonant words of ‘Me’ are appropriately spoken solo. The blend of harmonies and spoken slam poetry is always steeped in heartfelt and captivating sincerity. Soaked is a memorable emotional ride from melancholia to euphoria and back again.

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