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The Butterfly Effect

Rating: ★★★★

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Ranjana Ghatak




British singer Ranjana Ghatak is well-known for her work uniting North Indian and Western musics, especially jazz, working with some notable musicians along the way. This is her first solo album and it provides an excellent showcase for her versatility, along with some lovely support on guitar from Jack Ross. A nicely balanced album, it moves from the intense power of the opening track ‘Kali’, via the contemplative ‘Hidden Tombs’, to the danceinspired title-track.

I was impressed by the track ‘Kabir’, which really gives her exceptional voice a chance to shine, and the following ‘Yaman Tarana’ exhibits an understanding of the Hindustani vocal tradition, giving the album another dimension and greater depth. The recordings do not fizzle out at the end, perhaps saving the best for last, as ‘Mira’ and ‘Surya Prayer’ pay testament to Ghatak’s ability to hold a long vocal line without the audience losing interest. This is a fine album with many facets and will repay multiple listenings.

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