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The Ukrainian folk quartet with with rebellious and anarchic spirit are a formidable live act

Hailing from Ukraine, DakhaBrakha make music amid the current tensions of their country. Their name translates as ‘give/take’ in the old Ukrainian language, and they certainly provide something new. With roots in Ukrainian folk, the quartet bring sounds of the wider world into their music, taking influence from Nigeria, Japan, Bulgaria and more. Describing their own style as ‘ethno-chaos,’ the instrumentation used is clearly not limited to the folk genre. Djembé, accordion, didgeridoo, trombone, piano, cello and tabla are among the variety of instruments used to create the unique sound of DakhaBrakha; their yearning vocals perhaps the most identifiable sound. The group was formed in 2004 at the Kiev Center of Contemporary Art, and theatre has left its mark as live performances provide not only sonic but visual delights too.



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