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Review of The Tapi Project

The Tapi Project



Rating: ★★★

Tapi put their best feet forward on opener ‘Paigam’, with a surando (folk fiddle) sample introducing a reflective vocal refrain....

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: July/2019

Review of Zorongo Blu

Zorongo Blu

New Bojaira

New Bojaira

Rating: ★★★

Zorongo Blu offers an accomplished but not entirely comfortable fusion of jazz and flamenco. The group take their name from...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: Aug/Sep/2019

Review of 공 空 ('Empty')

공 空 ('Empty')

Melanie Eden

Melanie Eden

Rating: ★★★

Melanie Eden is an Australian performance poet and musician who does not do things by halves. Notable for her unvarnished...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: December/2021

Review of Vikings Memories

Vikings Memories



Rating: ★★

SKÁLD take their name from the Norse balladeers who told tales of gods and men in the medieval past. The...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: December/2020

Review of Subcontinental Drift

Subcontinental Drift

Sultans of String with Anwar Khurshid

Sultans of String

Rating: ★★★★

Canadian folk-fusion outfit Sultans of String have gone for the word-play double – both band name and album name –...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: June/2016

Review of Bhattacharya/Grønseth/Wessel



Pling Music

Rating: ★★★★

The dialogue between Hindustani classical and jazz music has a storied past. This latest effort to expand the lexicon draws...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: June/2017

Review of A Cassowary Apart

A Cassowary Apart

Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers

Bedroom Suck Records

Rating: ★★★★

The world of ambient banjo is a small one. This was the joke that brought together two participants in the...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: June/2021

Review of Zoo of Songs

Zoo of Songs

Pulsar Trio

T3 Records

Rating: ★★★★

German group Pulsar Trio have transplanted the emblematic instrument of Hindustani classical music – the sitar – into a northern...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: November/2018

Review of Is That So?

Is That So?

John McLaughlin, Shankar Mahadevan, Zakir Hussain

Abstract Logix

Rating: ★★★

John McLaughlin sparked a paradigm shift in the East-West fusion genre with his 1970s group Shakti. He is seeking another...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: May/2020

Review of Saar



Nordic Notes

Rating: ★★★★

This quartet could be said to be a kind of quintet, their phantom fifth member being the Baltic island of...

Reviewed by Liam Izod in issue: March/2018

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