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Songlines Remix Competition Winner Revealed!

Songlines is delighted to reveal the winner of the Songlines Remix Competition: Tom Burland aka Burland. Burland will perform the track live for the first time at this year’s Songlines Music Awards Ceremony on Saturday November 30 at London’s EartH in Hackney. Tickets are available from

Launched on May 10, 2019 by Songlines magazine and in partnership with PRS Foundation, the Songlines Remix Competition was open to UK music creators to remix one of David Attenborough’s sound recordings from his critically-acclaimed album, My Field Recordings from Across the Planet. The track, ‘Gender Wayang’, was recorded in Bali over 50 years ago.

Our distinguished panel – Sir David Attenborough, Cerys Matthews, Ghostpoet, Gilles Peterson, Hannah Peel and Matthew Herbert, as well as gamelan expert Andy Channing – whittled down over 300 entries to a shortlist of six, which you can listen to below. The shortlist were then voted on by the public giving us our winner.

Speaking about his process for creating the remix, Burland says: “Apart from the percussion and bassline, I stuck to using sounds that were found in the recording, so it doesn’t diverge too far from the feel of the original. It was tempting to start chucking in lots of elements that I’m used to using, but I created all my effects using the original audio.”

Listen to the single on Apple Music:

The FINAL Shortlist


Arca is the pseudonym of shape-shifting Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer, and experimental music composer Alejandra Ghersi – a visionary of a world where vulnerability is a powerful source of explosive energy.


A curious and creative creature of the natural world, the Burland can often be found fusing the organic textures of traditional instruments to the powerful elements of electronic dance music.


Clism is the ambient side project of Rachel Barker combining field recordings and samples with a vapourware influence. She is currently working on a project on the Scunthorpe Steelworks.


Kottarashky, aka Nikola Gruev, opened the door to hitherto undiscovered spaces of Balkan music with his first album Opa Hey! in 2009 and uses sounds from the Bulgarian countryside.


Alison Selby is a 23-year-old musician, programmer and poet from the Isle of Wight/Brighton making Warp-inspired experimental electronic and noisy post-punk music.


Sally Street is a 32-year-old multi-instrumentalist and evolutionary anthropologist. An honorary northerner from south-east London, she’s influenced mainly by minimalism, electronica and video game music.

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