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A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide

Sväng: A Beginner's Guide

Fiona Talkington unpacks the harmonica quartet’s trajectory, from the mind of Finland’s first mouth-harp graduate to an internationally acclaimed troupe with a repertoire ranging from Radiohead and Harry Potter to tango and Chopin

A Beginner's Guide

Fruko: A Beginner's Guide

A one-man tropical orchestra generator, there can be few musicians who have left a bigger imprint on their country’s music than Fruko. Silvia Rothlisberger tracks down the Colombian bandleader

A Beginner's Guide

Rajery: A Beginner's Guide

Madagascar’s leading player of the bamboo tube zither, otherwise known as the valiha, has come a long way from coping with an early disability to touring international concert halls. Daniel Brown retells Rajery’s journey

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